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Код объекта : 338-660-0128

Купить EUR 750 000 - Коммерческая недвижимость

For sale 50% shares of the company and of the property of one of the most prestigious and well-known businesses in the Canaries – FARO LOUNGE CLUB.

Located in Puerto Colón, 38660 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

You have to see it… it’s impossible to describe the explosion of minute detail and the architectural-decorative harmony presented by this unique club FARO LOUNGE CLUB. The idea of Faro Chill Art was concocted in the minds of its proprietors: Rita Maalouf, Gloria Cabello, Higinio Guerra and Diego Cano after 4 years travelling around the nightlife capitals of the world, from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

In order to achieve this striking effect, materials have been used from Northern China, Brazil, Valencia, Greece, Vietnam and France, which give the premises the status of handmade avant-garde work of art with dozens of unique, one-off pieces by several Canary artists. Every detail has been pampered, and each step taken inside the Faro Chill Art becomes a new discovery of some tasteful detail, and in the best site possible toenjoy the sunsets of southern Tenerife, to boot.

Without a doubt, this is a luxury at everyone’s fingertips.


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Агент Елена Дмитриева

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